Townscapes and cityscapes are appealing to me for their life and vitality, for their many shapes and colors, and for the many varied stories these subjects tell.  I hope you like these subjects as much as I do.
"In the Neighborhood, Cooeyman's Landing", watercolor, 30" X 22"
"You Must Turn Left or Right",
 watercolor, 30" X 22"
"At the Stop and Go",
 watercolor, 30" X 22"
"Provence Walk, No. 2", watercolor, 15" X 22"
"Provence Walk, No 3", watercolor, 15" X 22"
"It's Downhill From Here", watercolor, 30" X 22"
"York Village",  watercolor, 15" X 22"
"Rousillion Sun",
 watercolor, 15" X 22"
"Sugartown Roads",
 watercolor, 30" X 22"