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Studio & Outdoor Classes & Workshops

Classes, private tutoring and workshops in watercolor are available for all levels of painters—beginning, intermediate and advanced. Classes and private tutoring are personalized with individual instruction in watercolor, and are based on the individual painting goals of each participant.

Classes: Two-hour painting sessions may be scheduled for interested individuals of any painting level of experience, from first-time painters to seniors.  

Cost of classes is $50/person/day.  A minimum of two sessions is required.  Pre-arranged appointments are required and can be made by contacting Virgil at 830-331-2014, or via email.

My email is virgilcarter@gvtc.com

Workshops:  Workshops may be scheduled for groups and individuals on a range of subjects for painters of any painting level of experience. 

Standard single day workshop cost is $50/person/day.  Special rates are possible for groups and extended workshops up to five days duration.  Contact me for availability and daily cost, using the contact information above. 

Studio and workshop classes are typically held at the Rainbow Senior Center, Boerne, TX.  Outdoor painting lessons are held in accessible areas in Boerne, TX.  Other locations are possible with prior arrangement. 


Classes & Workshops